Lucas Castro

Software Engineer


Using Cypress to Test a Front-end ApplicationJuly 19, 2021

Overview It is always safer to test our code than to simply assume that everything is working. The price of shipping faulty software is too big compared to the investment of time that testing requires. However, this investment doesn't need to be grea...

How to Create an Express.js MiddlewareJuly 12, 2021

Context During my interview for my programmer role at the Utah County Government, one of the questions was to explain what middleware was. Although I was familiar with the term, I could not answer it appropriately. After my interview, I decided to di...

REST API's in a NutshellJuly 05, 2021

Introduction The world of web development is full of weird acronyms. MVC, HTTP, URL, www, REST, API, and so on. These acronyms have a specific meaning and describe important aspects of web technology and design. In this article, I will be addressing ...

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